Established in 2006 incorporating 35 years of international experience Treppo Group was founded by Michael and Adriana Oppert in 2006. Michael Oppert incorporates 35 years of international experience across the elds of scrap metal brokerage and transport, recycling equipment, as well as the trade of mineral ores.

Combining the use of cutting-edge technology with exceptional logistical, nancial and trade expertise and clockwork administration, Treppo Group is a dynamic young team of professionals geared to delivering unrivalled service and value for our customers.

This, in combination with our exibility and adaptability in the face of constant industry change, makes Treppo Group an unbeatable ally for your business. Our scrap processing and recycling equipment business, along with its mineral ore trade division, have operations spanning Southern Africa, with logistical networks stretching across India and China, and sister companies as far aeld as Brazil.

Since 2012, Treppo Group (as BEE 5 scorecard holder) has been working in alliance with the South African Government, facilitating skills transfer and providing training programmes. Metalcorp also has several alliances with BEE companies, providing training and assisting in the identication, processing and value adding process applicable to all recyclable commodities.

Business Activities and Operations
Since its establishment in 2006, Treppo Group has successfully operated as the supplier of Lefort Machinery in Africa and Brazil. Treppo Group also crossed the threshold into the scrap metal industry in Brazil setting up a trade ofce based in São Paulo in 2009 and establishing itself as a preferred supplier of scrap metal.

2012 to 2014
Treppo Group begins trading in scrap metal as a secondary line of the business in Africa, this division of the company is known as Metalcorp. Metalcorp offers world-class services in the eld of scrap metal trading, processing, recycling, logistics, procurement, and others. Metalcorp handles large volumes of ferrous and non-ferrous metal daily. Metalcorp becomes a countrywide leader in rapid collection and payment, with extremely competitive, accurate pricing. Long-standing relationships ensures that the suppliers trust Treppo Group to turn their scrap into an income stream. Treppo Group set up a yard in Pretoria to stock matal, process and supply various grades to the local metal melting industry.

Treppo Group opens a yard in City Deep, Johannesburg. Metal is sourced from public, metal merchants, construction and demolition contractors, local trades and businesses, manufacturers, blue-chip organisations, government bodies and service providers. In addition, Treppo Group buys large quantities of steel and stainless steel from various other Southern African countries including Mozambique, Namibia, Botswana, Swaziland, Lesotho, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The metals bought is sorted and processed into various grades using state-of-the-art scrap metal handling and processing equipment. These various grades of processed metal are then sold to the local consumers for further processing. Treppo Group aims to protect the local steel industry and ensure sustainability by providing the mills with a guaranteed, consistent source of recyclable metal. Treppo Group establishes partnerships with dealers in Phokeng, Rustenburg, servicing the North-West region including various local mines. The Phokeng partnership is established with the intrinsic objective of contributing to the Black Based Economic Empowerment program. Treppo Group successfully tenders for scrap metal within the gold, platinum and coal mining sector, particularly gold mines in the Free State, coal mines in Mpumalanga, and gold/platinum mines in North West and Limpopo.

2016 & 2017
Treppo Group continues to grow its list of suppliers with emphasis on procurement of scrap metal from source. The local motor manufacturing industry and OEM’s are examples of such sources that produce prime scrap metal. Treppo Group also continues to expand its operations into the Eastern Cape and Kwa-Zulu Natal.

Treppo Group is a member of RASA ( Recycling Association of South Africa ) a SAPS Accredited Association.